new phase begins

It’s done… (Well not really)

On April 13th we announced the beta launch of our solution.

After many tests and stages overcome with you, today everything will change.

It’s over, yes. The beta phase is over.


You may not have noticed while reading this article but everything has changed. Even though the visual of the site remains similar, the whole platform has been changed. If you were experiencing bugs when purchasing a service or installing it, it is now solved. We also took the opportunity to add this great ecology page, it summarizes the environmental challenges we are facing and explains the commitments we are taking to change the situation.


Our offers are evolving.  This Thursday, September 19, we have just migrated the old infrastructure to a new location. In order to facilitate its maintenance, we moved it to a new datacenter located near Paris in Nanterre. Even more ecological than the previous one thanks to its freecooling system which allows us to do without air-conditioning (average PUE of 1.1 vs. 1.25 for the one in Grenoble), we now have better connectivity and a better quality network. Our offers previously limited to 100 Mbps are now on 1 Gbps (x10)!


Your dashboard is getting better. For several weeks now we have been working to correct and add features to simplify your user experience. A Players tab has appeared and allows you to see at a glance the people connected to your server (on minecraft it also allows you to manage the banned and the administrators). Various additions are to be found such as the management of SSH keys, the possibility of importing a server from another host, the sharing of logs and the creation of a DNS for the server.


Thanks to the new site, recurring payments are back in operation (for the moment only by credit card and SEPA transfer). They can be controlled from the Profile > My Services section. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to take the plunge.

service management


As you can see, this is the end of the beta but the launch of a new phase.  An important phase for Oxygenserv, now that our product is fully functional it is time to go and convince players and administrators to adopt our solution.

The Oxygenserv team

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