• help,F.A.Q,server,payment,support,contact
  • help,F.A.Q,server,payment,support,contact
  • help,F.A.Q,server,payment,support,contact
  • help,F.A.Q,server,payment,support,contact

Help Center & F.A.Q

Find answers to your questions or contact us. For technical questions about our services, open a ticket in the Dashboard.

We attach the greatest importance to the protection of personal data (see our privacy policy). You can at any time from our interface make a request to retrieve the data collected and obviously request their deletion.

Our server configurations are the result of intensive work with industry experts to select robust, high performance and efficient components. All our servers are equipped with an Epyc 7543P processor, DDR4 ECC memory (3200 mhz) and NVMe SSDs.

Oxygenserv is a French start-up that has made the bet to mix ecology and excellence in the field of game server hosting. We offer servers for rent that are specially designed to host game parties.

The creation of our project is based on a real ecological philosophy. We only work with service providers who have the same values and commitments as us. This is why our servers are hosted in France in an ecological datacenter.

We currently offer 4 games: Arma 3, Rust, Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. There are 4 subscriptions per game, ranging from offers for test use to offers for more intensive use.

Our servers are hosted in Paris, France in an area extremely connected with Europe.

Your service will be suspended and then deleted. We store a 6 month backup of your server so that the data is not lost.

It is only possible to pay your subscription by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, etc). We are working to offer you Paypal and Paysafecard as well.

Il est uniquement possible de payer votre abonnement par carte de crédit (VISA, Mastercard, etc.). Nous travaillons pour vous proposer également Paypal et Paysafecard.

All our servers run on ubuntu versions, no modification is possible on the game servers.

You receive SFTP access to control the files on your server but you do not have SSH access. These offers do not allow this type of access in order to guarantee the functioning of the service on the dashboard.

Yes, we are very attentive to this type of attack that can ruin the experience of our customers. We use the best solution on the market to detect malicious packets and block them.

If stocks permit, server delivery is almost instantaneous! In less than 60 seconds you can deploy a new server and have fun with it 🙂


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