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host for your game servers

Choose a modern hosting company that meets the needs and challenges of tomorrow’s world. A high quality, durable offer from video game specialists is now possible !

Arma 3

Arma 3

Immerse yourself in a real combat game in a huge military sandbox.

from €5.99 € / month

Garry's mod

Garry's Mod

A sandbox game with many game modes where only your imagination counts!

from €8.99 € / month



Explore, mine and craft in an infinite world with limitless possibilities.

from €7.99 € / month



Armed with a rock and a torch, survive in a hostile world and gain power.

from €14.99 € / month


Launch your GTA 5 multiplayer server in less than 60 seconds.

from €6.49 € / month

Ask for an ecological and sustainable hosting.

Because we believe in the need to offer more sustainable alternatives, at Oxygenserv our latest generation servers are located in one of the most ecological data centers in Europe.


Low water consumption

The water is drawn from a water table which is reinjected into the water table after cooling the servers.


Renewable energy

Our servers are powered by 100% electricity generated from hydroelectric and wind power plants.


Energy efficiency

The CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness) of the datacenter is zero, which means that its activity does not emit C02 into the atmosphere.


Efficacité énergétique

The energy efficiency of the datacenter allows for a PUE (Power usage effectiveness) of 1.25 (European average of 2.03)


Responsible commitment

Labelled Greenethiquette which is a charter for a responsible use of ICT.


Intelligent power supply

When the electrical load is low, the power supplies can go into standby mode to save electricity.

Intuitively manage your game server with our panel!

Manage your server efficiently and simply, save time, and thus, be closer to the needs of your community.

Light Mode Dark Mode

Upgradeable offers

Possibility to change your offer according to your changing needs.


Documentations and tutorials available to configure your server!


Keep an eye on your servers (number of players, CPU/RAM usage, etc.)


You can control the server ports, create new ones and modify them.


You can consult and modify your files directly from our interface, wherever you are.

Task Scheduler

Create recurring actions that will be executed on your server.

Console & Logs

Quickly check the status of your server and the possible errors it encounters.

User management

You have a crew? Create access to your server with specific permissions for each user.

And much more!

We are constantly improving our platform to provide you with the best experience.

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Our high availability located in France.

Located in Île-de-France, in Nanterre (93), in a highly strategic area, our servers are accessible with low latency thanks to an optical fiber network wherever you are in Europe.

Server Status



1 Gbps

Average ping

~15 ms