Oxygenserv and its commitment to ecology

The impact of digital technology on the environment is a challenge that our generation must face immediately through increased awareness and investment to develop new solutions. We want to be part of this historic shift and become an active player in this transition.

What's theimpact of data centers and digital technology on the environment?


Global GHG emissions

The digital sector accounts for 3.8% of annual GHG emissions, which is more than civil air transport (which accounts for 2 to 3%).

1400 million

Tons of C02

GHG emissions amount to the equivalent of 116 million trips around the world by car. It is also the equivalent of 1.5 billion French employees travelling 25 km by car every day for a year.

7,8 million

Cubic meters of fresh water

With life usage equivalents, digital water consumption represents 3.6 billion showers per year. 

Crucial challenges for our generation.

In the last ten years, data traffic has increased tenfold and the volume of stored data has increased 25 fold. Today, the volume of stored data is considered to be 33 Zettabytes (33 billion Terabytes).

If we change nothing or too little, which is the most likely scenario for the next 5 years, greenhouse gas emissions will be multiplied by three by 2025. In France, the electricity consumption of the digital sector is expected to increase by 25% between 2015 and 2030, i.e. about 15 TWh more in the maximum scenario.

These figures should be put into perspective, as they do not take into account improvements in the energy efficiency of storage devices and improvements in networks and infrastructures. 

What is our impact as a user?

Online video viewing in 2018 generated as much CO2 as Spain (300 million tons), or 1% of global emissions. According to the group The Shift Project, one hour of smartphone video viewing is equivalent to the consumption of a refrigerator turned on for a year.

Do you know it?

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What environmental strategy should you adopt as a hosting company?

1) Reduce electricity consumption:
  • optimize the management of server cooling;
  • make the most of the heat released (low temperature heating: offices, swimming pools);
  • improve the consumption of servers with materials and low consumption technologies (low voltage techniques, new generation processors);
  • use virtual servers (virtualization drastically reduces the power consumption of servers);
2) Use renewable energy
  • hydraulic; solar; wind

Oxygenserv's commitment to the environment.

We work only with data centers with demonstrated environmental efficiency and that use innovative technologies to reduce their energy footprint.

Our servers are located in environmentally friendly data centers that use renewable energy.

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Solar energy


Wind energy

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Water power