Our S&Box server offers

One of the most anticipated licenses. Here is the Garry mod 2: more possibilities and customization in a totally redesigned game.

We are working on the offers until the game is released...

To follow the progress and be the first to know when the offers are launched, join our discord and our social networks now. We are waiting for you!

Why choose Oxygenserv in few points ?

Our offers are adapted to your needs and evolve with your activity. You pay the right price for a French, ecological and efficient solution.


No overselling, more transparency, you can exploit the full capacity of your server.

A unique customer service

Our team is here to help you provide the best possible experience for your players.

An eco-friendly solution

Our servers are hosted in a green datacenter to limit the impact of our activity on the environment.

Immediate delivery

Servers can be deployed in seconds and customized immediately after purchase.

High performance

Our new generation of high performance servers have been developed and tested for gaming.

An intuitive panel

A new experience, redesigned to maximize the possibilities offered on each game.

Our range of servers is one
of the most powerful on the market

Our team has worked with the best component manufacturers to build a high-performance, efficient server configuration.

Up to


energy saving*

vCPU performance



* according to comparaisons with generation 2 of EPYC processors

A solution that is truly adapted to your needs.

You benefit of physical resources allocated to your server. The same power as a VPS but without the associated technical constraints!












Choose the most ecological hosting in Europe.

The climate emergency has made it high time for practices to change. Our servers are hosted in Paris in one of the most energy efficient data centers in Europe.  Built on a more energy-efficient model, the data center has a record energy efficiency.

Key features to manage your server

Our team has redesigned the whole user experience to offer our customers exclusively, the most complete and intuitive server management solution on the market. Manage your server efficiently and simply, save time, and thus, be closer to the expectations of your players and your community.

Upgradeable offers

Possibility to change your offer according to your changing needs.


Documentations and tutorials available to configure your server!


Keep an eye on your servers (number of players, CPU/RAM usage, etc.)


You can control the server ports, create new ones and modify them.


You can consult and modify your files directly from our interface, wherever you are.

Task Scheduler

Create recurring actions that will be executed on your server.

Console & Logs

Quickly check the status of your server and the possible errors it encounters.

User management

You have a crew? Create access to your server with specific permissions for each user.

And much more!

We are constantly improving our platform to provide you with the best experience.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

The unique skills that our team has acquired, allows us to accompany you throughout your project. We are developers and former players who have experienced the same problems as you, we know your needs and your expectations.

Transparent offers with no hidden costs

Fixed prices, guaranteed with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs: you know exactly what you are paying for. You will enjoy a dedicated environment that is reserved for you! This is the DNA of Oxygenserv, we owe you this transparency that has been too long denied.

Paiment sécurisé et crypté

Instant delivery

No more trouble to configure your server, our robot takes care of installing and configuring your server for you. In less than 3 minutes your server is online and ready to be modified!

Before you go 😥

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Not applicable on semi-annual subscriptions.