A breath of fresh air
in hosting

Oxygenserv is the first French start-up to have taken the challenge of making accessible the ecology and the French know-how in the game server hosting industry.
A high quality, durable offer from video game specialists is now possible !

Who we are ? Where we are going ?


The Programmer

The adventure begins with the launch of The-Programmer in early 2018. Players on ARMA 3, we noticed that the gameplay on the servers was quickly repetitive. We then set out to develop easy and simple to use products that administrators could install on their servers. 4 years later, there are now more than 75 products available.


End of 2020

Birth of Oxygenserv

One thing is clear: gamers and server administrators are unhappy with their hosting company. The list of criticisms is long: freezes and lags at peak times, old hardware, non-existent support, this sector of activity does not enjoy a good image. We also realize that no effort is really made to make it sustainable.


Launch of Oxygenserv

With this in mind, we set out to develop a solution that would allow both players and server administrators to be reconciled while being environmentally friendly.
The work was huge: infrastructure creation (choice of datacenter, server components), R&D (creation of the website, client dashboard, control tools), user experience (prototyping, art direction, …) etc.
More than a year later, we are finally ready! The story has just begun…

Our long-term goals

Our team of experts

 We are video game lovers and experts gathered around a positive impact project. We deploy all our know-how to offer you a new experience.
Jean-Baptiste DEVIC

Jean-Baptiste DEVIC


We need to build awareness in the video game industry so that users become aware of their impact on the planet.


Directeur Général

As a former player, I know the difficulties faced by players and server administrators. My goal is to provide you with an experience that meets your expectations.

Benjamin SOULAS

Benjamin SOULAS

Directeur Général

One watchword: efficiency

Anthony Thirion


UX/UI Designer

The user experience has been seriously considered in order to offer a solution accessible to all and a better adaptability of the platform.

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