End of 2021

A breath of fresh air in hosting

Oxygenserv is the first French start-up to have taken the challenge of making accessible the ecology and the French know-how in the game server hosting industry.
A high quality, durable offer from video game specialists is now possible !

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The best multiplayer

games available

The first gaming hosting

100% ecologic and sustainable

Our goal is to provide an high quality service that matches all our expectations while respecting the environment. Our servers are hosted in one of the most ecologic datacenter in the world, with a power usage efficiency below 1.15.

Sustainable energy

Our servers are powered entirely by hydropower. We prioritize local and certified on an EU level energy sources.

Low water comsuption

The use of an innovative cooling system (free cooling*) allows us to cool our servers with a very low water intake.
*System mainly using outside air to cool the servers

Power efficiency

Thanks to a smart cooling and the use of sustainable energies, the datacenter release 15X less C02 than a standard datacenter. More efficient and less polluting, now is the time to change !

An unique user experience with your dashboard

Too often forgotten, the user experience is our main concern at Oxygenserv. We offer to our clients a brand new experience, made to maximize configuration and server use possibilities, and to automatize recurring actions that server administrators do.

The ease of use and the timeliness are the center of our concerns. We will account all of your feedbacks to offer the best experience we can.

One of the most powerful offer available

The power of our servers is entirely dedicated to video games, we offer the latest generation of components, more powerful, better energy-friendly, our range of products has been made and tested for the games. This makes our offer THE most powerful compared to our competitors.


CPU - High Frequency

1 Gbps



Dedicated RAM memory


Ultra-fast storage

A team and

quality partners



Jean-Baptiste DEVIC


Benjamin SOULAS



GFX Designer


UX/UI Designer

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