A breath of fresh air in hosting

Oxygenserv is the meeting of three students who decided to launch a new project: provide a real alternative to current solutions on the market of game server hosting. Presentation by its CEO and co-founder, Jean-Baptiste Devic.

The observation? Servers used by millions of gamers around the world are of poor quality and their impact on the planet is immense. The games of millions of players are hosted in data centers that consume a lot of energy. A significant carbon footprint. If we focus on CO2 emissions, digital represents 3.8% of annual GHG emissions. That’s more than civilian air travel. And since nobody wanted to initiate change, we decided to make things happen! This is how our project, Oxygenserv, was born at the end of 2020.

Oxygenserv’s ambition: offer an ecological and ultra efficient service…

How do we come up with an environmentally friendly solution without degrading the player experience? That was the main problem we had to solve. Although there are a number of levers to limit the impact of our activity on the environment, we wanted to find the best possible compromise between efficiency and performance. After studying all the possibilities offered on the market, from the most technical (submerged room) to the simplest (offsetting our carbon footprint), we finally chose to work with an ecological datacenter located in Grenoble. The European green capital! Its ideal location in the heart of Europe and its eco-responsible construction met our requirements: 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable energy and no water is consumed thanks to an ingenious server cooling system.

… and facilitate the daily life of our customers

Our second choice was in the design of our infrastructure. We chose components that maximize the performance offered with the lowest possible power consumption. All this in high density chassis. The performance required in the video game industry requires high processor power. The servers must therefore be able to offer the same quality of computing power to all their customers. In concrete terms, with Oxygenserv’s offer, a gamer divides his CO2 emissions by 15, while using servers that are 30% more powerful than the competition.

As former players and server administrators, we know the difficulties and problems encountered by our customers. Our priority was to redefine their essential needs in order to design an intuitive and complete user interface. Our guideline? To save time for server administrators by avoiding their daily worries and to be closer to their community

Today we are proud to present the beta of our solution! Not everything is perfect but our main goals have been met. We are looking forward to your feedback 🙂

The Oxygenserv team

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